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Friday, March 12, 2010

Reading Material

Here's a couple of links to start your day.

In the April Atlantic (the future is now!), Chris Boucek and David Donaido have a brief article on why Yemen is failing.  This is accompanied by a very cool interactive map filled with information about refugee camps and routes, where the oil is, where piracy has struck, and CT strikes.  Very informative.

Sarah Phillips has a paper (.pdf) for the Carnegie Foundation about politics and policy in Yemen.  This is an excellent look at the political and tribal structure of Yemen, particularly the relationship of tribes to the central government, AQAP, and what outisders can do to influence it.  The whole thing is chock-full of delicious facts and insights, but what I really found fascinating was how she describes Yemen's politics as still evolving from the days of the revolution.  It is easy to see something as static or determined, especially when you first start looking at it, but she punctures that myth.  Yemen is still experimenting and evolving, for good or ill, and at this juncture in its history, when its destiny intersects with ours, it is important to recognize this and not rush headstrong into the mix.   If you only read one thing today, read this.  Unless you're like a doctor or something, then read your patient's chart.  I don't need to be named on a med-mal suit.

Please also read Nasser Arrabyee's latest report on escalating tension in the south.  I have said it before, but if you are interested in Yemen, you should have his site, offered in both English and Arabic, bookmarked.

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