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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kristof on Yemen

Nick Kristof talks about child marriage in Yemen (something your current author was on years ago- scroll down on that link for several posts).   It is a good column, and appropriately heart-wrenching and moving.  He also makes the important connection between oppression of women and political violence.

Kristof does god's work, and I hate to be critical of him.  He is kind of the anti-Friedman, in that he gets dirty and avoids golfing with billionaires as a way to do research.  I really think he is a great guy.  Kristof is established enough to take the easy road, and refuses to.  But.  Was there anything more predictable than this column?  If he is going to write about Yemen, it is going to be about a child bride who overthrows her shackles.  Honestly, reading him often gives me heart-warmth fatigue.  Kristof, in a take on the war reporter's line, is pretty much "Has anyone been raped and is still inspirational?".   To be fair, he seems to recognize this.

I understand that the above is pretty ungenerous. 

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