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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Early radio note

If anyone happens to be up and reading this on the East Coast, I am going to be on The Takeaway discussing Yemen in a few minutes, about 6 Eastern time.   That is, if I don't lapse back into sleep and start having fever-dreams on the air.

Update: Actually, it was more about Saudi Arabia, and how they arrested 110-some militants (over the last 5 months) with links to AQAP, including two suicide cells.  Caryle Murphy of The Christian Science Monitor, who was the primary guest, had some great reporting. I kept trying to hijack the conversation to Yemen.  My quick take is that this shows that Saudi Arabia is finally taking seriously the threat from Yemen.  I think until the attack on Muhammad bin-Nayif last August there was kind of a disbelief that Yemen could actually create a viable organization.  They were maybe a good place for militants to hide or recruit, but a home-grown group couldn't be a threat to the Kingdom.  I could be wrong though.  I am pretty sure I am still asleep.  

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