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Monday, February 15, 2010

Taliban Leader Captured

This seems like good news to me.  I think after the last nine years we are all a little skeptical when the government announces that a "Number 2 terrorist leader" has been captured/killed.  There has been a running joke about the amount of Number 2 guys al-Qaeda has lost.  It was clearly the most dangerous position in the world.  (And the current admin hasn't always avoided playing fast and loose with this formula.)  But my initial reaction to that is to note how the Taliban is a government, half-shadow and half-realized, and before a fully-functioning one (more or less, anyway).  They have a more regimented hierarchy than the far more fluid al-Qaeda.   Al-Qaeda has leadrrs of course, and rankings, but a government is considerably more organized, even one as medieval as the Taliban.  I will track this and find out what people who are smarter and have more specific knowledge than me have to say, but right now I am going to label this as good news (tentative).

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