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Monday, February 15, 2010

Huthis hand over Saudi soldier

In the middle of a tense and imperfect truce, the Huthis have returned one out of five Saudi soldiers they have been holding hostage, following an ultimatum by the kingdom.  One hopes that the other four are still alive.  I would have to think that if they are the Huthi reluctance to release the rest of them stems from the need to still have a card in their hands.   That is what makes this such a difficult time- the Huthis don't have much to play with, but if they are too reluctant to act it will no longer matter, and we'll have violence again.  We have atmosphere where there is absolutely no trust between any of the players- even San'a and Riyadh, ostensible allies against the rebels, have a long history of disdain.  Don't hold your breath waiting for a good outcome here.

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