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Friday, February 19, 2010

More Unrest in the South

An ambush today in the south killed two government workers, including "the director of a criminal investigations unit".  The article blames southern separatists, but does not go into further detail.  I would like to say that until it is proven, one should be a little of assigning blame.   It is not beyond the pale that this is connected to the Southern Movement (the growing movement agitating for independence), but it is not conclusive.

Regardless, this will help the further tensions.  The south and San'a are in a cycle of mutual retribution and accusation, with sporadic violence.  I personally feel that they are nearly, if not already, past the point of no return.  There is zero trust between the two sides, and each act of aggression or revenge- and once you are in this cycle, the two are indistinguishable- heightens that distrust.

The only way that both sides can get what they want is for the South to have increased autonomy, including control over its economy, but while still providing the government with the funds they need to maintain some order and power.  If there can be a mutually wary peace, time can be bought to deal with other problems, and trust can build.  But if there is war, neither side wins.  I deal with this in some more detail in a forthcoming article, and I will let you know when it comes out.

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