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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot links!

Or, not that hot.  Nor very many.  Here's a few articles about problems in the south as we quickly approach Unity Day, as well as one about a reconciliation gesture.   I have a strange feeling that tomorrow is going to be relatively quiet, but am more than willing to admit that maybe I feel that way because it is muggy here and I don't feel like doing anything, so can't imagine why others would.

This here article is about business and energy- more of a press release, really, about a contract to build a huge power plant in Yemen.  I wish them the best of luck.  Few things bring down the popularity and legitimacy of services more than the failure to provide basic services.  I think a government can weather violent crackdowns better than being thought of as neglectful or incompetent.  Power is something it is easy to take for granted, but we saw just how much Iraqis lost all faith in us when we couldn't keep the lights on.

Also, Greg removed himself briefly from his monastic hideaway to blog at Waq al-Waq. 

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