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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kind of on cue...

Police open fire in al-Mukalla.

Witnesses say police have opened fire to break up an anti-government protest in Yemen, and security officials say one protester has been critically wounded.
It was not immediately clear whether the police were using live ammunition or rubber bullets.
Hat-tip here to Jane Novak's Twitter feed.  I know, right?  Wherever we might disagree on analysis, she does a great job as an activist for the Yemeni people.

Here's a map of Yemen in case you were wondering where al-Mukalla is.  About 3/5 up the southern coast.  It is in eastern Yemen, but the often-misleading political shorthand there is "the South".

(Not pictured: guns)


  1. Mukalla hasn't moved much in recent years, but that border between SA and Yemen sure has. Though many of the maps that I find online--like this one--still haven't been updated to reflect the decade-old treaty, I do think it's time for you to find a new map source.

    On another note: my usual sources haven't mentioned these shootings at all. Have you found any additional details or corroboration?

  2. Hah. You're right, Paul. I literally just grabbed the first map I saw with Mukalla on it. Thanks for making me look like a jerk...

  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you look like a jerk. Sure, maybe I meant give you a mild ribbing...but that's all, I swear. In all fairness, though, that border is one of the first things that I see for when I look for maps of Yemen. When I was writing my dissertation, finding good sources that had the correct border was a real pain. Apparently, it still is.